Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Schools should give a lot of H.W to students.

Schools are deemed to be the first environment where students start building up on their knowledge, experience, and so forth. Schools rely upon various approaches and systems of teaching and evaluation. While many consider students’ homework secondary in importance, I personally disagree with this idea. I think schools have to assign students as much as possible. First, assigning students with a lot of homework will get students learn in a pragmatic way that mostly lead to their incremental educational success. Homework is the one of the best ways to enhance the level of grasping and analyzing new information. For example, assigning enough tasks to them will involve learners in repeating and rereading their everyday studies. Personally, six years ago, I used to do a lot of homework in Geometry class when I was a 12th grader. Doing so not only kept me thinking about everyday topics but also it enabled me to keep practicing more and more. In fact, doing a lot of homework helps students lean in a practical way. More so, a high level of homework helps students conceive the hardship of real life difficulties, in a comparative way. This basically means high volume of assignments can raise the pupils resistant enough, who will persevere many hardships in their future life. My experience is a compelling example of this. I remember when I had an Algebra class in school, I was scared it chiefly due to its homework. However, when I got used to doing so many practices I realized that working hard, especially when it comes to school homework, most often pays off. As such, I learned to be courageous in the fact of everyday life difficulties. Indeed, homework teaches a student to be resilient. In conclusion, schools are highly suggested to assign students to as many tasks as humanly possible, for that doing so not only enhance the chance of practical learning among students but also it puts students in a similar situation in terms of hardship as that of everyday life, which is advisable.
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