Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Children should be given full freedom.

The childhood period is deemed to be a crucial time for one’s social, cultural, and physical growth. A child most probably learns a wealth of information and behaviors during this vital period of time. Although many claim that children have to be fully free, for they will be somewhat creative. Personally, I disagree with this claim. I believe that children should not be given full freedom. To begin with, children who are completely liberated will learn inappropriate ideas according to people’s code of ethics. A child without any restriction may learn forbidden ideas that are against cultural norms, social principles, and many more. For example, a child with unlimited freedom may became an iconoclast who scoffs at people’s religious beliefs. I personally come to learn this from my cousin. Since he raised with the absolute freedom to learn in his school’s library, he spent most of his time studying censored books of an English author who used to belittle divine power and topics of that ilk. As such, he disparages the concept of god and several alike ideas in a funny way, which is not appropriate among public. In fact, children should not be fully unlimited, for they learn negative ideas. Additionally, fully freed individuals with the age of less than 18 would most likely practice in a number of wrong ways that cannot be amended in the future. Apart from any incumbent demeanor required to be practiced, free children may not realize what deeds are appropriate for them and their future; consequently, they will consistently keep practicing such inappropriate deeds, which cannot be changed for good in the future. For example, a little boy in our village, back in 2000, used to steel properties of his neighbors. While he did not mean to do it forever, stealing became his everyday habit. As a result, he, along many other, regrets not getting rid of it, nothing can be changed now. Indeed, a child who is absolutely free may keep behaving in a wrong way up until it is impossible to leave such demeanors. In conclusion, the time during which one matures culturally, socially, and bodily is considered of the utmost importance. I believe that children have to be limited during this period mainly because they will learn appropriate ideas, impossible to learn when they are completely freed, and because they would not take any step in the wrong ways, which become their habits in the future.
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