Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Teaching is very important process in our life it raise up generations who build the future, parents plays big rule in their children teaching, but are they the best teachers for them ? this essay will discuss that the parents are not the best teachers : First the teaching experience is very important thing for the quality of the teaching process, because the teaching needs techneques that can make the information reach to the studenst by using easy and different ways in explaining the subjects, for example teaching childrens the summation in math it could be easy and funny by expertise teacher who found the best way to learn the summation , so the experience helps in reaching to the best way in teaching. Second the relationship between the childrens and their parents, not all children accept their parents to teach them, for example the parents sometimes they don't be strict or struggle in teaching and that make the childrens don't trust of their parents to be their teachers, when the chidrens see the parents has differnet style in teaching from school they don't accept it, and the teaching here fails. In conclusion this essay discussed that the parents are not the best teachers beacuse the lack of experience in teaching and the normality of the relationship between children and parents, in my opinion it is good thing from the parents to track the process of teaching but not to be the person who is completely responsible about it.
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