Living with roommate or alone? , which one do you think better.

Human are the ambitious creature so they always want to compete their dream, and they could not finalize their goal from one place throughout their life. So, they travel from one place to another place temporarily. Sometimes they might live alone and may live with roommate that depends on their behavior. In my view, I believe that living with a friend by sharing room is far better that that of staying single. The living with friends has many benefits: helps to cost minimize, feel secure and guardianship etc. If we feel stress, friends or roommate helps to make stress free. First of all, it helps to reduce our living cost because the saved money helps to improve other amenities in our life. If students are sharing their room at that time the saved money due to living together might be used as to buy books as well as academic material. In a student life money significantly matters because we could not have sufficient time to do work. I have a compelling example of this. When I was a university student at that time, I used to stay single in a room rather sharing with friends, I need to pay ten thousand per month due to that sometimes my pocket totally had totally empty and I need to borrow some money from those friends, who live with sharing their companion. Even if I had shared room, I would have sufficient money to expense on other things. This example demonstrates how living with friends helps to cut down our cost of living. Moreover, we feel secure while living with friend or sharing room partner. Always, Time is not in our favor, last year one of my sisters, who lived Kathmandu to achieve her higher study, was sexually embarrassed by a gang in her own room. Even if she lived with friend, the gang might not harm her. Living with partner has many benefits like if we feel ill at that time, they help to take hospital, and also provide us medicine in room. they take care of us in the critical time of our life. In conclusion, living with friends or with a roommate is most important because it reduced our living cost and it helps us to take care of those serious and critical condition.
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