Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better to work as a team than as an individual to succeed. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

It is a undeniable fact that one can achieve more in life by working in a team rather than as an individual at many levels. I completely agree with the statement of being working in a team instead of an individual person for two reasons. One is to achieve more and the second is to feel the sense of enjoyment by working in a team. In the subsequent paragraphs I will be precisely explaining my reasons with supporting detailed examples. First of all, the TEAM has got an acronym which goes like this Together Everyone Achieves More", which means that by working in a team provides innumerable personal as well as professional benefits. For example, I personally believe that I achieved a lot in my career since I am working in a multinational company which require a team effort. Once I had a doubt about the project that I am working on, so I had been to my boss and explained it in a detailed manner to him and then he solved my issue immediately then I completed that project soon without much difficulty. Therefore, if one works in a team then he has the more potential to achieve by taking help from his mates and managers whenever they are in problematic situations at work. Secondly. it gives an exuberant and a blissful sense of enjoyment by working in a group. For instance, one of my dearest and nearest friend recently told me that he has joined in a Microsoft company there he felt a excellent sense of ecstasy by working with his colleagues because they are friendly in nature with him and posses with a positive mental attitude. He furthermore adds that if he would have worked solely he could not have gained this type of special feeling but instead he would have got boring and madness. Hence, as per as my personal believe that one must work with a group of people to become more enjoyable in the process of huge production in their respective field. To encapsulate, that every human being has to compulsory join with the team to work and to obtain more production for oneself as well for the company which he is working. And secondly, to receive the happiness in his working field but not to get mental fatigue. Therefore, one has to prefer to work in a team to succeed more in day to day life.
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