It is more important to keep your old friends than make new friends.

Friends are an integral part of an individual's life. They are people who always help us become a better version of ourselves. Making new friends marks the growing process of oneself, but in my opinion, it is more important that we retain our old friends than making new friends. I would like to support my stance with the following two examples. First of all, our old friends are the people who know us the best. They know our strengths, our weaknesses, our likes and dislikes. They always stand by us irrespective of our mood or mindset, and that's what has made them remain our friends for a long period. My personal life is a compelling example of this. About 6 years ago, during high school, I met a guy, and we became close friends in a very short period. He helped me a lot during many hardships I faced. I lost my grandmother 4 years ago and he was there to support me throughout. He is always ready to spend time with me whenever I need him. To lose a friend like him would be to lose a part of myself, and I believe its necessary that we always keep our old friends. Secondly, friends are like a second family to a person. We never give up on our family and I think this applies for friendship as well. We have a lot of memories with friends as much as we do with family, and these memories will always remain precious to oneself. For instance, I still remember the days of my college life, where I spent most of the time with my three friends and we even got the chance to go on a trip to a hill station. I would never forget that experience and the time I spent with these guys definitely made my life during college significantly better. To conclude, a person keeps making new friends all his life, and while some are just temporary, some friendships remain forever. It is these friendships that we must make sure to hold back, because they would do the same for us.
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