If you could meet one important person during your stay in the United States, which person would you choose? Why? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your choice.

If I could meet one important person during my stay in the United States, I would meet the president. I would like to make his acquaintance for three reasons. First, I would like to evaluate him as a person. Although we have many opportunities to see the president in formal settings on television, in my opinion, the best way to judge character is by having a personal interview. In this way, it is possible to see into the person's eyes and take note of small mannerisms that indicate truthfulness and integrity. I would like to meet the president to know for myself what kind of man is the leader of the United States. Second, I would like to have the chance to ask the president about his foreign policy. Of course, I am most interested in the plans for collaboration with leaders from my region as well as specific goals for peace. It would be very enlightening to be able to hear the president's own words instead of listening to a speech that had been written by others for him to deliver to the public. Last, the opportunity to meet the president would allow me to provide him with information about international students in the United States. In spite of the many advisors that are constantly available to the president on crosscultural affairs. I doubt that any of them could relate to the president the experience of an international student on an American campus. I would like him to know how important it is to work with other nations to provide scholarships for study in the United States and once students are living on American campuses, what a unique opportunity American people have to extend hospitality and friendship to them. The impression that international students gain of the United States may be more important to world peace than the technology that they learn to use in their college classes. If I had the opportunity to meet the president,I would observe, listen, and offer my opinions. Then, I would take a photograph of the two of us in order to prove that it had happened.
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