Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they answer the specific problems presented in the passage

The reading passage discusses about the possibility of few paintings being misattributed to Rembrandt, especially the Portrait of an Elderly Woman in a White Bonnet. The lecturer disagrees with the author by pointing out that the painting was indeed the work of Rembrandt. First of all, the lecturer states that the fur collar was not a part of the original painting, and it was added only 100 years after in order to make the art look like a formal painting of an aristocratic lady. This is supported by recent studies through X-ray scan results and other analysis, and proves that the original painting did not have any inconsistency in the subject's clothing as mentioned by the author in the passage. Secondly, the author points out that the face in the portrait is supposed to be partially covered in shadow as the dark fur collar absorbs light. However, the original painting did not have a dark collar, and instead used a light coloured simple collar which would have illuminated the face and made the original painting look realistic. Finally, the lecturer says that the panel was also enlarged when the fur collar was added to the portrait to make it look grand. The original painting was in fact done on a single wood panel, and is the wood from the same tree used in another one of his art. This directly contrasts with the author's rendition that Rembrandt is not known to use a panel with pieces of wood glued together.
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