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As an Ecuadorian girl, coming from a country where corruption is as common as poverty has encouraged me to reflect about when we got to this point, and how we can overcome this by implementing business strategies. No leader dares to realize that the nation itself provides us with unlimited resources to thrive as a team between nature and people. The reason why a hands-on education, at The University of Pennsylvania is pivotal to me, is that it will teach me to influence my homeland’s perspective of how commerce should run across the globe.  Without a doubt, a management concentration at the Wharton School will provide me with research-based experiences; at the Turner Social Impact Society with its framework-driven approach to prioritize social impact venture ideas. Something that I could not find at home and any other place when I was immersing myself to research about Andean communities to develop my projects last year. I expect my coursework to push me through Penn’s interdisciplinary nature, to dive deep into collective awareness while applying business to the community throughout the BEPP concentration. Professors' strong preparation to teach stimulating classes via a social science lens, just like Dr. Assenova, with her collaborations to international corporations advancing economic development, would really contribute to this; I can imagine myself in her “Social Entrepreneurship” class analyzing genuine problems and aspiring to solve Ecuadorian economic disruption. I also expect to work with Dr. Jax Kirtley to learn from her study of strategy and technology product evolution, which will develop my skills even before I interact with the real-world; besides the Quaker entrepreneurial mindset that promotes an environment where students can deepen the global perspective beyond one's primary business focus, throughout exposure to intercultural concepts. Through the Penn Reading Project, I hope to be a representative of the indigenous Ecuadorian and black peoples. While at Wharton, I plan to continue my high school experiences as a participant of the Penn Model OAS Program, where I will continue enhancing my interests in race and political equality. I also want to take advantage of the "Ethics and Social Responsibility" class, one that is outside of the typical realm of classes, to increase awareness of the ethical dimension of business conduct. Finally, at Penn are countless possibilities to share my homeland experiences at The Wharton Women in Business happy hours. To recreate morals that would shape me to build an overview of development for my bracelets entrepreneurship, by understanding meaningful cultural complexities in a changing world.  Fitting in has always been a struggle for me, however, I can see my future at Wharton for the next four years feel like home; where young leaders of today prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.
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