Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Living today is more comfortable and easier than when your grandparents were children. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

yes ,I agree that my life is more comfortable than my granparents because on a lot of reasons: First I am living in a city which the services are easily availiable like schools I can go to it by walking for just 10 minutes ,while my grandparents they lived in villages ,they have specific number of schools and not exesist in every place like now,there were some of children walk for one hour to reach to school while the others didn't go to school becauce it is far away ,no tranportation exesist and if it is availiable it is expensive. Second the style of life in the past they were doing every thing by them selfes like farming, baking bread ,washing clothes on hands ,raising animals like chicken and sheeps and caring of them,and all these things needs a lot of effort and time ,in contract now we don't have to do anything ,we can buy anything we want it from supermakets and in our houses we have machines so it is comfortable and we save our time for other activities . Third travelling in the past was tiring and takes a lot of time they used cars and the planes wasn't a choise for them and some sick people couldn't survive ,because of bad circumstances ,but now by using the planes it is fast ,easy and availiable . In conclusion in the exesist of all the inventions arround us we see it is helping us to live comfortable life but we study or work and we are always busy , but in the past they were spending more time with their families ,they own their time and they were happier ,I think we should combine the good things from each generation and then make the perfect life style. Improvement Guideline Score: 2.5 You seemed to have some difficulties understanding the given question. Weaknesses might have to do with some of the following: - No conclusion (we advise our users to write conclusions even in integrated tasks as writing a conclusion increases the completeness of an essay) - Serious grammar and punctuation errors - Failing to clearly explain the reasons you give for holding your opinion. - Writing your essay off-topic - Failing to connect the examples and the points. (When the example you give for a particular opinion doesn’t clearly explain the opinion) - Fails to write the essay with an organized structure (Example of an organized structure: Introduction – Body paragraphs –
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