Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better to live in one town or city all your life than to move from one place to another. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

I wound prefer to live in one city for all my life as I strongly believe that steadiness in life brings you everything and you start becoming productive more and more. There are several reasons behind my choice which are put forward in upcoming essay. To begin with, by staying in one city, you will be able to know each and every corner of it. For example, you will be aware with locations of reputated hospitals, areas having good schools for education, nice areas to live in and other important information. Since childhood, I am located in Charlotte, North Carolina with my family and today I am 30. All these long period of stay here, I am completely familier with my city and I do not get any trouble finding any place which in directly saves my time. And on top that, I do not have to be dependent on any one else if i stuck somewhere as I know solutions to any problems that how to find a right channle to solve in my city. Furthermore, by living at one place for all your life, you will be steady with your mind set without any other tension like moving and shifting, searching for a house in new place and other facilities related with daily life. As it is really tiresome. Let me tell you my own experience. I had to go to new cities every month during my intership days. As there was no fix company which allows you to work with them as it was the time where we have to get exposure of multiple companies. In those 6 months of time period, i became so frustred as every month, I had to go to new city, serched for home to stay. I had to waste my time in search of malls for groceries and hospital for my monthly check up as i have certain allergic issues. It was really tough for me. In nutshell, I can say that when you stay in one city for all your life, you will not have to face any challanges and resources will be easily available to you as you know them properly. In short, life becomes easy and you can enjoy it fully.
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