Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? “Overall, the widespread use of the internet has a mostly positive effect on life in today’s world.” Use reasons and details to support your opinion.

Different people think diversely about the effect of technology on children and some of them believe that technology has made children less creative; however, I really disagree with their mentality and I undoubtedly think that technology leads children to become more creative. I believe that technology suggests new teaching ways and more children can use from didactic programs by new technologies; moreover, children can communicate with others by the Internet and ask their questions from others. First of all, I believe that technology proposes new excellent ways to teach children and they can learn lessons more and better; understanding the lessons is the base of creativity and children will create attractive and ingenious things. As a case in point, I remember that I had numerous problems with understanding math in elementary school but my little step-brother can understand math very better by using some computer didactic programs and I pretty sure that he will be more prosperous and creative than me in future. I think that most of teachers try to teach their students by new technologies, because they have understood that their children learn excellent by new technologies. Furthermore, I believe that technology leads all children to access new sciences and more pleasant didactic programs and all governments know importance of e-learning. There are many villages in all countries that children cannot learn anything because there is no school in their countries. Nowadays, there are dozens TV channels which show free educational programs and can help children to learn new sciences; accessing to new sciences can increase children’s horizon and it leads them to create new things simpler. Apart from using better didactic ways and accessing new sciences, I think that technology also leads to similarity in creativity. Children can link some simple technologies and create a new complicated instrument; in addition, new technologies leads to more relationship with other people and children can share their ideas with others in all over the world by the Internet and somebody may help them to solve their problems. In conclusion, I earnestly emphasize that technology has made children more creative; although there is still a great deal of heated debate about this topic.
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